Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today marks the passing of a historically significant yet controversial figure, who's looks and licks are familiar to all who enter these hallowed Deli halls. Lauded by some as a virtuosic messiah while simultaneously decried as a tyrant and a nuisance, the Fusion Guitar Legend is just that, a Legend of Fusion Guitar and of this very Deli. His considerable chops and awkward stage presence will no longer enter our lives uninvited, but he can always be called upon, and indeed purveyors of fine deli meats and jams will call on him frequently to sound track their non-existent sex lives. It is my belief that he will be recalled as an enigmatic, alluring and sensual yet, ultimately, tragic figure, one who's influence and significance never loses its relevance and who's mindless virtuosity will continue to not resonate with anyone. His legacy has yet to be determined but it is most likely that his story will be told to future delizens for generations. Let us put aside our own potentially troublesome experiences with the Legend and bid him the proper, respectful adieu which he has earned.

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