Friday, December 12, 2008

Craigslist fishing volume 2: Bailout Deli gets a taste of its clientele

A Taste of Craiglist

In this installment I post a free ad or classified in the beginning of the day and I see if what I’m offering is popular or interesting to the Craigslist Community in New York, which to me is a balanced pool ripe for surveying. This way we can see what will sell at our deli and can analyze market trends.

This time I wanted to see if Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid still sold well in NY after the Giants' loss to the Eagles on Sunday. Andy Reid, despite coaching an NFC East Team that is in direct competition to our Giants, is something of a sex symbol in New York. Well, let's see if his appeal still holds up even after his team beat ours in a highly anticipated game.

Here's what I posted.

NFL: Andy Reid Wheel of Cheese (Not Edible!) (Downtown)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-12-10, 10:37AM EST

Hey! I have a super rare and special giveaway.

This is a wheel of cheese, swiss to be exact, that has a portrait of Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid carved into the top. It is immaculate: Shows him in his full glory, looking powerful and intimidating.

This cheese is NOT edible, but don't worry. It's sprayed with a preservative that prevents it from rotting, molding or smelling. It's preserved and lasts a lifetime!

You could give it to your kids!

It's free because I make a lot of these and would love to give one to a loving home. But clearly this is going to be a hot item. Tell me why YOU think you deserve such a fantastic ornament for YOUR holiday season.

Warm love and faith,


P.S: Merry Christmas!

And it was a hit! I got plenty of responses. Here are 5 of them.
Panoff III
to sale-952409416

show details Dec 10 (3 days ago)

I have an Eagles fan friend who has pretty much everything in the world. I would love to give this to him for Christmas. Where could I pick it up?


Gavin S
to sale-952409416
show details Dec 10 (2 days ago)

I think I deserve this cheese wheel because cheese is delicious, and I love cheese.

I like cheese,


to sale-952409416

is this still available? if so i want it!! Thanks!
My mom is a huge eagles fan and she would just die having this rare item. If this is still available, please let me know!


to sale-952409416

Just saw this very interesting husband & I are sports enthusiasts - at least he's the sports master and he got me into sports big time - baseball & football - he's the perfect husband + it'd go with our other sports memrobilia! And of course absolutely a pretty cool item to pass down to our kids when we decide to have them- I work on UWS 95 - I'm a nanny so if we are selected then I can pick up after work! Thanks

to sale-952409416

show details 2:55 PM (2 hours ago)

Is that wheel still up for grabs??? I work downtown, but I'm a HUGE Eagles fan! I'd love to have this!

So there it is! Andy Reid is still enormously popular. We will definitely include him in ALL of our products. Andy Reid Meat, Andy Reid Sweatsuits, Andy Reid Bodysuits, and Andy Reid Flavored Horse.

Thanks, Craig!

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