Saturday, December 6, 2008

basically the same as non-conforming but just a different spin on it

A teenager who is still finding out about himself. I'm very opinionated yet open-minded. I'm more of a singer than actor but I dabble in both.oh btw I'm extremely free thinking liberal and critically thinking.and I think constantly about everything.I'm not into any religion or believing in any gods. I just live life to live not worship some undefined and omniscient person floating a few billion miles above my head. My biggest passion is nature. I love taking pictures of it as well.if I could I would slaughter every person that pollutes but then there wouldn't be anyone left but that's just the zeal I have about preserving the earth and animals, that's a strong word something less harsh than slaughter,but same idea. since polluter-mutilating ( like that one better) isn't a well-paying occupation I've turned to acting because it's the only other thing I have fun doing (I don't have much fun since I'm so critical of people) I have few friends but love meeting people the few I do have are really great. No one will ever understand me including me but I think I'm on my way there. music is amazing nuff said. driving while listneing to music is the most relaxing thing. Especially if (now aren't these specific) It's about 70 degrees and the sun is about 30 minutes from completely set, the wind is blowing warm, driving down a scenic highway with the music blaring. I did that once and it completely blew me away. I was in a daze and just kept driving and ended up far away when I realized what I was doing.another thing I hate conforming even little things. I'm big on idividuality, basically the same as non-conforming but just a different spin on it. sexually unexclusive would be the only title I could put on my sexuality. I mean come on, it would be kind of arrogant saying that I'm not attracted to girls without getting to know every single girl so I'll leave it there. there's much more I could say on that topic but that's not meant for here but yeah I'm more attracted to guys. tie-dye my own shirts and have been said to have been born three decades too late by my habits and mannerisms. I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to school but not in other areas usually.I despise the way school is setup and can't stand many classes so I never do as well in school as I could and it angers me but not enough to overcome my annoyance of school so I'm just annoyed and underachieving so I get upset at underachieving so I get annoyed angry and upset when I go to school each day. doesn't help also that I don't like about 75-80% of the kids at my school.I purposefully do random things throughout the day when I get bored just to see what happens next because it would be more interesting than doing the same thing each time. That's good enough for now.

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