Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Liveblogging Deli Meeting

Will: What's your problem, Jordan? What do you want to change? I know you're sensitive about fat jokes, for obvious reasons. Bateman's Andy Reid post was offensive, yes, but it had buzz, and that's exactly what we need right now.

Jordan: We need to establish a mission. No liveblogging meetings.

Will: Fair.

Jordan: No pointless stories.

Will: Pointless stories? Like AJ's story about the guy on the subway eating the thing?

Jordan: That was fine.

Bateman: Why don't you like my fat jokes?

Will: He got us buzz.

Jordan: Yeah he got buzzed.

Jerry: Everyone in the media is fat.

Will: What do you know about the media?

Bateman: Have you ever even been to Manhattan?

Will: You are uneducated, and I only want educated people to speak at this meeting. Jordan, you went to an Ivy League institution, and you must have something to say. Name posts you don't like.

Jerry: All of them!

Will: Not talking to you.

Bateman: I'm posting right now, you can look at it afterwards.

Will: Slam the (New York) Post. It's time to slam them. Jordan, I'm upset you won't be with us for the media war. I think I know what you mean, you like the jokes and the non sensical stuff more then the straight bloggy shit.

Jordan: I like what makes it unique, anyone can write stories, or talk about stuff. But we have skills. We can do Craig's List plants or uh, yknow, we can have concepts.

Will: I'm with you on that I think our best posts have been conceptual ones, even a picture is funny.

Jordan: Re-contextualizing.

Jerry: What you're describing is the opposition.

Will: We're conceptualizing it! Remember Gutenberg? He invented the printing press.

Jerry: Not the internet!

Jordan: I thought Gutenberg was the place where it was invented.

Bateman: Shut up! What's wrong with my posts?

Jordan: You think its funny because it's fat people.

Tape gets fuzzy, fades out.


Mberenis said...

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blargg said...

Fuck you guys.

Andrew said...

it will work out, it always does

Jonathan said...

i resent all of this

Bill said...

I think we need to post a bit about Mberenis.

He's REALLY active on our comment board, but something tells me he's not in on the joke because he keeps talking about a bailout.

Let's take him out to dinner.


Andrew said...

Mbernis writes for a certain ny tabloid rag