Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i'd like to order one of those triple-decker
burgers with the cheese on it and whats that
medium medium with a coke but instead of fries
can i get just a side salad uh yeah the caesar one
and a small chili that comes with crackers right and
a number 5 too medium what with fries what do you
want and one small coffee three pumps two packets
of splenda thats it thats it alright get these cups out
of the cupholder and throw them out when we pull up
no there isnt a cup holder back there dont pull on that
there isnt one you'll have to use your legs alright how much?
you take credit card hold this for your brother just hold
it for right now alright thank you very much that didn't shut it
open it and shut it correctly now when mom comes home

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