Monday, December 8, 2008

Bailout Feature: Sizing up the competition

In this feature I choose another deli blog on the internet and create a scandal around them, hoping to shut down their doors by shaming them publicly.

Here's what I came up with.
Sarcone's is essentially a DeliBlog (I couldn't find any sandwiches) and they are in direct competition with Bailout.

So I scrutinized the website and found they had an employee named Anthony Bucci. Googling that name, I came up with this picture and some info.

Something was obviously wrong. I pushed forward more.

He's a Muslim-Light-Rock-Artist. And he donated $250 to George Bush in 2004.

I implore you to discover his music for yourself. This is the best song I've ever heard.

How do we turn this into a full-fledged controversy for Sarcone's? We can't have another DeliBlog cutting into our traffic.

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blargg said...

Sarcone's is a Philadelphia area deli; Andy Reid is a fat piece of shit who lives and coaches a crappy, undisciplined football team in the Greater Philadelphia Area. It is thus apparent that Sarcone's is partially responsible for the disgusting tubb of grease that we know as Andy Reid (we can't say they are entirely responsible simply the lazy and indifferent piece of crap must bear some responsibility for his sickening body stature). By making explicit Sarcone's role in the fatness of the Eagle's coach, and by extension the ineptitude of their team, we should be able to run Sarcone's out of business and put Mr. Bucci behind bars for the rest of his miserable fucking life.