Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eye Massaging

me: HI MOM.
go ahead. dont be scared.
Ann: wow what is this? are we i messaging?
me: hahaha yes we are
its called "gchatting"
Ann: can we do this later? how do i restart i messaging?
me: towards the left of your screen
there should be a little list of names
and my name should be there
and when you click on it
we can chat.
Ann: ok we'll chat later bye
me: <3 u.
Ann: how did you do that with the heart?
me: you need to do
next to each other
< 3
but with no space between them
Ann: cool <3
me: impressive B-)
Ann: tell me later about how to do the happy face
me: will do.
Sent at 10:11 PM on Wednesday


Ann: ok how do I make the happy face and how come I can't make the heart on my regular emails? Call me when you can. Do not drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages at you Xmas party! And don't gossip there either! People really make fools of themselves at those ( you mother included in her youth) Jobs are too hard to come by now you can't take any chances.<3 Mom

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Courtney said...

dude, your mom is so cute. hows life?-courtney inge